Born and raised in Illinois, Summer Roesch has always loved learning new things at school, which inspired her to share her passion for lifelong learning with people who needed the extra help. In her spare time, she enjoys watching the St. Louis Cardinals, working out, and baking.

Summer earned a 4.0 GPA and a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. She also works as a pharmacy intern, preparing medication orders for patients.

Before joining Neuron Education, Summer had already been tutoring for 4 years, and has tutored 3 students with us. When matched with a new student, she prefers to identify the student’s area of need and develop clear goals that are appealing to both the parent and student. She also talked about how she begins tutoring with a new student, “I like to spend my first session as a “get to know you” period. Once I’ve learned more about the student, I like to start each session by asking about something that they enjoy/participate in. This makes them look forward to the session as it won’t be merely a lecture.” 

“I like to ensure my students are emotionally and mentally prepared to discuss the topic for each session”, Summer explained her tutoring process. She continued, “I believe students will not benefit if they are not motivated to study a particular topic, so I am flexible about what we do each day. If we need to take a break from math, we spend the day reading instead.” This approach has helped her students reset, making them more ready to study the next time around and preventing burnout.

When asked about her favorite moments with her students, she remarked, “My favorite moments are when students feel and express excitement as they notice they are improving.” She added, “Even if we have to take it slow at the beginning of the session, when students start speeding through questions correctly and feel confident, I feel overjoyed as small accomplishments can be big victories when it comes to learning and I frequently voice how proud I am of my students.”

Summer also recounted a specific success of one of her students, noting, “One of my students used to struggle with writing and constructing sentences. After a few weeks of working together, this student was writing lengthy letters to family members who lived out of state.” 

Summer’s goal in life is to become a pharmacist and make a meaningful difference in the lives of her family, friends, and community. She talked about her development as an instructor a year from now, saying, “I believe I will be able to better gauge the progress of my students so I know when to make questions harder and easier for them. I would like to continue using the new AI tool, ELEX, which has been introduced to us as a resource.”


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