Message from Our
Founder & CEO

Gabriel Gavrilov

I firmly believe that education transcends the traditional classroom setting. It’s in the realm of application and practical experience where students truly cultivate and refine their skills. With Neuron Education, my mission has been to craft a groundbreaking platform for both academic excellence and leadership development. We are not merely focused on enhancing students’ math, reading, and writing scores; our ambition extends to nurturing their self-confidence, self-esteem, and critical thinking abilities.

At Neuron Education, we are committed to pioneering innovative solutions that directly impact children’s daily lives. Our vision is to consistently lead the charge in creating transformative tools that empower young minds and shape a brighter future.

Our Values

  • Continuous Learning

    Learning has no endpoint - there is always room for growth.

  • Care

    Be kind and compassionate - show our community that we care.

  • Executional Excellence

    Focus on execution and results.

  • Be Bold

    Have the courage and lead from the front, take action and go.

  • Authenticity

    Be yourself and make sure to never compromise your integrity and honesty.