Hannah Lassiter grew up in a close-knit family with two older sisters, and was raised by her aunt, who had a significant influence on her upbringing. Her mother is a retired veteran. Her desire to work with children stems from her family members. Her grandmother was a creche proprietor, and her aunt worked in a group home for adults. “I have observed and been inspired by the aspect of caring for and nurturing greatness in others throughout my life” Hannah explained.

Hannah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Lenoir-Rhyne University. She has also earned an Associate of Arts degree from an early-college high school. She enjoys poetry and is a self-published author, having released a book in 2019 and planning to publish another one shortly.

“Education is central for children’s development. Learning how to make the right decisions, how to balance different areas of life and how to maintain stability is critical for children to understand”, Hannah said when asked what drives her passion for education. “I take education very seriously”, she continued, “I believe parents feel the same way for their kids.”

Hannah attributed her success as an educator to her teachers, who challenged her throughout her schooling and taught her not to settle. She also mentioned how her grandparents served as role models for the family and are supportive of her endeavors. Her ability to connect with kids for tutoring and social wellness is innate.

Hannah has worked with over fifty students prior to joining Neuron Education and she is currently active in tutoring and social emotional learning for kids at Neuron. She is capable of working with various neurodiverse children and assisting them on their learning journeys.

One of the students she works with at Neuron has a seizure disorder. Hannah helps him with social emotional learning. “One of the most memorable moments with him was when he drew a really beautiful family picture that was detailed enough to know his family members”, recounts Hannah. “He adores his family and I was proud to see his focus and dedication in drawing that picture.”

When discussing the progress of her students, she noted a sixth grade student who has dyslexia. “At first, we did all of the reading and writing together, but he has been doing assignments independently for the last 2–3 months.” Hannah said. “Recently, he wrote a small essay for one of his assignments,” she added, “which was a great example of how he is responding to the tutoring and showing diligence to put time and effort into his activities.”

Hannah is self-employed and aims to pursue her Master’s degree in Psychology, all while supporting more neurodiverse students on their learning journeys. One of the parents working with Hannah added, “We are very happy with Neuron Education and in particular with Hannah. She is helping our son with his reading issues and his reading is advancing very fast. We highly recommend Neuron Education.”


Hannah Lassiter


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