Alondra Escoto is a 25-year-old Hispanic woman from South Florida, where she was raised by Nicaraguan parents. Her passion for tutoring emerged in high school, where she found a natural inclination to help her peers in math after school hours.

Her academic excellence is evident in her Valedictorian status in high school and holding Dual Bachelor’s degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Florida International University’s Honor College. In her spare time, Alondra enjoys creating art, reading books, and embarking on exciting adventures with her Golden Doodle.

Currently, she is employed at Life Clinical Trials as a Clinical Research Coordinator for Dermatology and Oncology Studies. Her responsibilities include monitoring the safety and efficacy of investigational medicinal products on human subjects by following pharmaceutical protocols.

“I am inspired to tutor K-12 students because my dream is to create a positive impact on our younger generations and help them with their mental, personal and professional growth,” she explained when asked why she decided to begin tutoring. “I recognize that some children might need an extra hand which is entirely normal,” she continued, “and I want parents to know that they should feel comfortable seeking more help.”

Alondra is a dynamic STEM and Spanish tutor and has guided seven students at Neuron Education in their academic journeys to become successful. She concentrates on algebra, Spanish, biology, chemistry and career development.

“I break down complex problems into simpler ones and pinpoint where students are struggling with basic processes,” she said of her tutoring approach, “Once we have mastered the fundamentals, then we progress with building up on more complex practice problems.” When starting out with a new student, she prefers to break the ice by learning more about their personal strengths and weaknesses and by knowing more about their hobbies to incorporate them into her sessions.

One of Alondra’s notable success stories involved a high school student who was struggling and failing in algebra before starting tutoring with her. With her guidance and personalized approach, the student made a dramatic improvement and received a B grade in the following semester. She described how she gave him practice tasks that were not given in class, both simple and challenging, to help him identify his mistakes and become accustomed to different kinds of problems. Her memory tactics and problem-solving techniques proved valuable in this instance.

“I have seen tremendous changes in my students’ academic performances and it made me feel extremely glad to know that I was making a difference in their lives as well as their parents’,” she exclaimed when asked how she felt about watching her students get better. She continued, “I take pride in seeing how my students’ self-confidence grows over time.”

Alondra’s goal in life is to assist kids in their academic endeavors while making a positive impact on their lives through teaching art. She plans to launch a business eventually, which will be dedicated to mentoring and preparing children for their careers from a young age.

She aims to make in-depth study pathways for students a year from now based on their progress in grades and overall performance. She also envisions her students leveraging memorization tactics and study techniques to help them advance in their future coursework.


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Alondra Escoto


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