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Guide to Neuron Education

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Supporting Parents and Their Families

Online Tutoring and Social Wellness Programs For K-12 Students

Why Use Neuron?

For Parents

Are you worried about how your child is performing at school? Explore how Neuron can help.

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For Employers

Are you looking for innovative solutions on supporting working parents at your company? Explore how Neuron can help.

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Neuron Cares

We believe all employees deserve to have work-family balance and a successful career. Our platform is designed to be a support system for employees and their families!

Our instructors are vetted and talented undergraduate and graduate students

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What Employees Using Neuron Are Saying

Brendon A.

Software Engineer

Both my wife and I work from home currently, my 12 year old daughter has been using Neuron for her math homework. Their platform is very easy to use and the virtual classroom has been fantastic.

Craig D.

Project Manager

Alexis has done a great job zoning in on issues that Jessica needs support with, she found new ways to help her with those items which is valuable. Jessica is getting probably a ½ of the education she should be getting due to what is going on with education system right now.

Susan E.

Vice President Operations

I love the fact that the tutor has been working with her in preparing for the MCAS, I appreciate the initiative taken by the tutor for the preparation.

John Simmons

Administrative Assistant

My wife and I both work remotely, we used Neuron’s Virtual Family Care platform and really liked how easy it was to connect our 10 year old son David to a college student who spends 1 hour with him. David is always looking forward to his weekly session with Robert.

Rachel O.

Office Manager

I was surprised when I got an email from my HR department that they were providing us with Virtual Family Care and Tutoring. At first I was shocked but also curious on how virtual family care actually worked. We gave it a shot and my son absolutely loved it, he was eager for his next session.

Laura U.

Human Resources Manager

On average, we had a 95% engagement rate of qaulifeid employees using Neuron's platform. We are very glad of the decison to provide our employees access to their platform.