Virtual Tutoring For Families as an Employee Benefit

Busy working parents use our virtual classroom and online marketplace of vetted college tutors for academic tutoring, homework help and story time for their K-12 children.

Employers deploy Neuron to increase employee productivity, decrease stress and to recruit/retain talent.

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What We Do?

We provide proprietary access to K-12 academic support specialists, for working parents who need additional support balancing remote work and their responsibilities at home as parents.

Our Platform Only Allows Current College and Graduate Students To Be Tutors
Interactive Learning Sessions Via Our Online Classroom
Personality Based Matching Approach Between Students and Tutors

We Help Employees:

1. Be more productive at work

2. Reduce stress and anxiety associated with helping their child with schoolwork

3. Take a personality match approach via our tutor marketplace to pair their children with college tutors

4. Safe online classroom where sessions are scheduled and can be recorded

Vetting Process

We Help Employers:

1. Decrease employee stress

2. Improve employee focus

3. Build employee morale and loyalty

4. Promote academic success

5. Recruit and retain talent

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Vetting Approach

College Tutors go through the five-step process to get verified and start tutoring.

How it works:


Our tutors are from:

What's Included:


  • Vetted college tutors that employees have access to
  • Employee productivity and well-being reports
  • Progress reports to the parent
  • 24/7 corporate assistance
  • 1-on-1 online classroom
  • Built-in scheduling

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What are an online tutor’s responsibilities?

Guiding students to understand the topics they bring to each tutoring session. Encouraging students to engage actively with their topics to build deeper understanding.

What are the academic requirements for a college student to become a tutor?

Minimum GPA of a 3.5 : AP exam score of ≥ 4 : SAT score ≥ 1410/1600 ( 2000/2400) : ACT score ≥ 30/36

How does the tutoring work?

Human resources would offer our services to their employees.

Who pays for this?

Your employer.

What if my son or daughter doesn't like the tutor they picked, how can they change it?

Yes, you can change the tutor at any point without any problem.

Where do the sessions take place?

All the sessions have to take place through our online platform.

What grade levels do you serve?

We serve elementary, middle and high school students.

What enrichment activities do you offer?

For the younger students, tutors can help them with their homework, engage them in areas they are struggling, which can be reading a story or engaging them in subjects they find really interesting to expand their knowledge and horizons.

How many hours can I use?

Depends on how many hours your organization authorizes. The average parent uses 2 hours per week.

How long is a typical session?

A typical session is about 60min but can be as short at 30min.

How do I book a session?

All the sessions have to be booked through the platform.

I have multiple kids, do they need separate accounts?

Yes, each child would need their own account.

Can I book recurring sessions?

Within our platform you will be able to book recurring sessions and cancel them at any time. Recurring sessions are great, since you’ll have a predictable schedule with the tutor.

How does Neuron improve employee health and well being?

We provide peace of mind to parents that their child has access to academic help and mentorship during the new normal of online learning, whether they can afford it or not. In return, this allows parents to concentrate more on their work vs worrying about their child's education. Increasing employee productivity and decreasing stress and anxiety.

How does Neuron impact stress for working parents?

With many parents and children working and learning from home, it can create a stressful environment where the child needs more attention and care, while it gets harder to hold meetings, hit deadlines, etc. By giving a child 2 hours a week of tutoring, this is an opportunity for the parent to step back and focus on their job while knowing that their child is receiving a quality academic resource.

How does this program affect talent acquisition?

By offering this benefit to your employees, future hires that have children will be more in favor of joining your team as you are actively pursuing benefits that help working parents relieve stress and show dedication to employees and their families.

What will happen once COVID is gone?

Remote work is here for the long-term. Online learning has proven to be an effective way to deliver material. Especially since workers will be still working from home, their children will be coming home from school at 2pm. Neuron will continue to provide quality student enrichment through our online classroom.

How will we track the impact?

Neuron will provide a monthly dashboard to show the impact, in addition to employee usage and feedback.

What have the tutor results been with previous customers using the platform?

We have seen tremendous success and satisfaction with our current customers. We are confident in the quality of our service to the point where we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Our average tutor rating is 9.44 out of 10.

What are the demographics of the tutors?

70% of our tutors come from minority backgrounds and 40% from immigrant backgrounds, by using our service you are providing leadership and mentorship opportunities to those students.

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