With a deep commitment to employee well-being, Contexture USA fosters an inclusive culture that values every contribution. Going beyond the workplace, they wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of employees with K-12 kids through an innovative benefit. With Neuron Education, they have successfully positioned themselves as an industry differentiator, providing support to working parents and enhancing employee retention.


Contexture USA, founded in 1985, is the leading supplier of commercial window shades and acoustic systems in the United States. They prioritize human comfort with innovative designs that enable building owners to control daylight, heat, acoustics, and aesthetics. Contexture’s community has worked hard to create a compassionate and supportive workplace that encourages diversity, inclusivity and integrity. By upholding people as their greatest asset, they strive to achieve collaborative success by valuing each contribution.


Using Neuron to support working parents

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Contexture faced a tight challenge as employees transitioned to remote work while managing additional stress, especially working parents who had to balance their jobs with their children’s education.

In search of innovative ways to evolve their benefits to support working parents, Contexture’s CEO, Brianna Goodwin, met with Neuron Education’s  CEO, Gabriel Gavrilov, to discuss how Neuron Education’s programs may become a retention and engagement tool for their corporation.

With the engagement and success Contexture had, they continue to provide Neuron Education in the post-covid world to enhance their corporate culture, establish a competitive edge and deliver a benefit that is valued by working parents.

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Strengthening culture with Neuron

Brianna has consistently placed the wellbeing of her team as the foremost priority. Integrating Neuron aligned with their core values to be a pillar of support for their employees. 

Contexture’s core values demonstrate a community of care for their team members. This is where incorporating support for their lives outside of work, including their families and kids became a differentiator.

“You can provide people certain benefits, but if they aren’t valued or see their worth in their lives, it won't make a difference. We have hashtags like #workLifeharmony and #maketimeforlife, and those two core values combine to really focus on our team members as whole people and not just work people and having parents engage with Neuron Education showed its value and impact.”

Brianna Goodwin
CEO, Contexture

Contexture’s success with Neuron

Brianna anticipated the execution to be an enormous task but Neuron Education was implemented in less than a week, and opened a new and productive channel of communication with their most valuable asset, their employees. 

“While I was initially skeptical that this would be as effective as advertised, the response from our participating employees continues to be an invaluable offering that has driven unprecedented satisfaction and far outweighs any cost or fear of implementation.”

Brianna Goodwin
CEO, Contexture

Throughout the program, families engaged with Neuron’s Virtual Tutoring and Social Wellness programs for their K-12 kids. 

One of the parents exclaimed, “I feel I have insane privilege from my company with this program. My son has become patient and organized. I have less worry and I am able to put more focus on my work now. I will continue using Neuron throughout his schooling, thanks to my company’s support.”

  • With Neuron Education, parents reported a 35% reduction in stress related to their child’s homework and exams

  • Working parents saved an average of $2000 per year on private tutoring expenses 

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Another parent added, “I enjoyed the program while we were utilizing it and appreciate how supportive the tutors were. I will revisit next school year for my kids!”

  • Employees who used Neuron Education observed saving an average of 1.5 hours per day that they had previously spent helping their children with homework

  • After completing an average of 12 sessions, parents have seen significant results in their children’s grades, growth in critical thinking skills and self-confidence, overcoming learning barriers, greater focus, and independent learning skills

  • Leveraging Neuron Education for working parents has boosted employee loyalty towards their company. Employees also reported having stronger ties with their kids, indicating a reduction in conflicts owing to improved performance and support

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How Contexture Used Neuron Education To Boost Corporate Culture