The Impact of COVID-19 On Parents and Children

As the COVID-19 illness took over the world, almost every activity in the daily lives of people has been restricted to home. The home-schooling of children is one of them.

As schools and childcare centers around the globe continue to shut down and transfer their teaching methods to a virtual screen, the challenges that come along with studying at home are not the least.


Data results show that a high number of families fall into the category of nuclear families and find it difficult to cope with the overwhelming amount of work being posed on them as the disease continues to spread. It is an all-out crisis.

As working parents and lack of availability of day-care centers or babysitters, the challenge for them is nothing but tough altogether. At present, work management, children’s classes, and household work are steadily increasing the stress levels of parents.


“My bedroom is turned into their classroom. Children have lost their proper school schedule and are engaging in unhealthy habits since the closure of schools. They do not understand what they are being taught due to lack of flexible classroom atmosphere and they easily lose concentration due to distractions. The virus has succeeded in altering the lives of all.” Comments by a parent. 

According to a research, children have adapted to being at home as they take it as a school holiday and have normalized waking up late, binge-watching television for several hours, neglecting homework, and going to bed late. 

The new conceptualized teaching modes pertain to online requirements; however, it is difficult for a teacher to keep track of each student’s performance in an online class because of lack of physical meeting. Generally, kids build up their physical and mental skills and abilities during school time as they are exposed to creative teaching methods, competitions, indoor games and sports, and through friendship. Due to the lack of half of these aspects, after their regular games, kids are getting bored easily at home, as their parents remain busy in work-from-home jobs.


After interviewing a large number of parents across the world, the statistics show management difficulties at the highest peak. 

“My house has become a regular party of heavy noises,” says a working parent, who finds it difficult in managing the chaos by kids alongside work. “The kids are young, they play all day, and they run out of things to do easily. They keep pestering us to play with them, but with our remote work, we won’t be able to comply with them and aren’t able to give them time properly. This has led to the kids’ continuous interruptions during professional meetings that has to be done from home as part of work.” Adds the parent.


Due to confinement at home, the health and social well-being of parents and children have been harmed at an alarming rate due to poor nutrition, increased levels of stress and anxiety, exposure to ill-habits etc. Some families have reported a rise in domestic violence cases due to constant disagreements between the spouse or between parents and children. A third of parents have failed to follow a proper schedule and lacked in nurturing their kids at home. Home-schooling remains a challenge for both parents and children, even after months of closure of educational institutions.

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