Tackling The Job Hunt During The Pandemic

Finding a new job during a time of mass crisis is nothing short of a nightmare. In the current context, where the coronavirus has inflicted chaos for not only the public’s health but also the economic sectors of countries as well, the quest to be employed is as tough as getting a 100 on an exam.

According to several reports, the GDP of numerous countries has had a sharp drop since the onset of the pandemic. This catastrophe has been recognized as the worst disaster since ‘The Great Depression’ in the 1930s. Businesses have taken a major blow to their income revenues and are desperately striving to get their work going again. Transportation industries became financially vulnerable as lockdowns came into the picture. Not to forget, recreation facilities and restaurants. In an effort to save money, many organizations have chosen to lay off some of their employees. 

To find a suitable job in these uncertain times, you need to be very knowledgeable about what you’re looking for. Some companies might still have job openings that may or may not align with your resume. It is best to look for a variety of different types of jobs in order to not become stuck in one industry or position.

As an educated individual, you possess diverse talents besides that of a college degree. You might have studied finance, commerce, or business as your principal course, and you may be searching for an ideal job that falls into these categories. However, due to a lack of job openings, there may be a lack of these jobs available.

Note that you probably completed various internships during college that could have been for other industries than that of your degree, such as customer service, journalism, social work, or any other category. You may have also learned skills that were based on what you were interested in, such as your hobbies or related to your course program. It is time to put them into use.

We suggest to tailor your resume every time you apply for a job. One version of your resume doesn’t work for all types of different occupations. Keep updating and creating new resumes depending on the particular requirements the job is looking for. 

Before you start the employment search, know that you are looking for a job during a recession, therefore you need to lower your expectations for the amount of opportunities available. Do not maintain high salary expectations while seeking work. In such circumstances, every individual needs to understand the value of money is less than what it was previously, so companies will not be able to offer you the same salary as before. 

While hunting for a job, identify all the leads that you have and make a move. Applying to multiple jobs at a time is advisable, as the probability of company responses stands less. You cannot expect to only apply at one place and wait months for confirmation. This is an inefficient use of your time. 

As work has transferred to being remote, companies have begun posting job offers on online job-hunting platforms. There are plenty of legitimate websites that have the sort of job offers you’re aiming for. It is time for you to grab your laptop and apply for jobs from the comfort of your home because gone are the days when you had to commute to a company’s office to apply. 

Before submitting your resume or cover letter, ensure that you have included skills that are unique to you. In these perilous times, the recruiter won’t waste time reading information that is average, they are looking for skills that stand out. Capturing the recruiter’s attention with a smartly crafted resume or cover letter can land you better opportunities. 

Know that apart from competitive firms or associations, you can find a job if you reach out to your connections as well. Some of your family or friends are likely to be searching for skills that you possess. It is the most direct route to acquiring a job without hitting roadblocks.

Best of luck in your search!

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