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Features at a glance

Teach anyone from anywhere

Full-Screen Video & Audio

Start off every tutoring session in full-screen mode to get a strong picture of how your student is doing throughout the teaching process. All the key features you have learned to expect from a best-in-class video conference – waiting room for testing compatibility, video, audio, chat, and external elmo-camera ready.

Text chat

The Online Classroom has full video and audio, but sometimes it’s just easier to spell things out. With the live text chat feature, you can send and receive text messages right in the classroom.

File Sharing

Easily access your files or upload a new file anytime. As soon as an instructor or student shares a file on the whiteboard, that file is mutually available and becomes part of the session record in the archive, so you can find it later if needed.

Live Support

Our online classroom is easy to use and naturally intuitive. Remember we are tutors too! We established a real live support team to make sure you don’t have any issues.

Education Whiteboard

The full-featured online whiteboard lets you draw, type and erase in real-time. You can even upload files or snap a photo of physical documents to share and mark-up during your session. And, of course, it’s touchscreen-enabled so if you’re using a tablet or smartphone, drawing and editing are as easy as moving your finger across the screen. The Whiteboard also includes recording, so everything you do there can be reviewed later.

Native Text Editor

Similar to Google Docs, you can write and edit text with your students in real-time. Do your lessons involve reading or writing? Create new text or paste in pre-written text, then expand, re-write, edit or highlight as part of your online lesson – all live and recorded for later.

Photo Filemaker

With a click of a button, you can easily access your device’s camera and take a snapshot of a physical document or photo. Once captured, that file becomes part of your file portfolio and can be dropped onto the Whiteboard for easy annotation or reference. It’s like having a scanner built-in to your online classroom.

Classroom Timer

Unlike other virtual conference software, our Online Classroom has a clear timer at the top that can be seen by instructors and students, so you can easily keep track of how long the session has run and avoid going over your scheduled end time.

Post Session Feedback

After each session, both the student and instructor are asked for feedback. The comments and ratings are saved for later review.

Waiting Room

Before starting any classroom session, students and instructors enter a waiting room. This allows everyone to test out their video and audio before entering the shared classroom.

All-in-one online platform to schedule, manage your tutoring sessions.

Includes in the plan:

  • 1-on-1 online classroom
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Automated notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Portfolio file storage
  • Post-session reports
  • Data Insights
  • Fast & reliable support
  • Dedicated account representative

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