Here’s A Quick Look How COVID-19 Impacted This College Students Learning

The recent global pandemic has impacted the entire world and continues to do so. As the virus spreads, this has taken a toll on every industry. In the news, we are hearing about the vast effects this is having on the economy, health care, and small businesses. However, what not a lot of people are talking about is the impact this is having on the student population.

This pandemic might seem like it has set your life on hold. Your spring break plans may have even been canceled or it might have been your last semester before graduation. Even if you don’t fall into those cases, COVID-19 has affected your life in some way. I wanted to deliver a personal account of this impact from a current college sophomore student at Missouri State University, Kaitlyn Ries.

I asked Kaitlyn what the biggest surprise of this pandemic has been.

“I was most surprised how quickly everything transitioned. At my college, I was on spring break when the virus started getting serious. The school ended up giving us an extra week off so they could figure out how to better suit students in an online classroom. After that extra week, we were online. It was unusual for me because I didn’t get to say good-bye to anyone.” Kaitlyn commented.

Woefully, this seems standard with students that the transition was unexpected. Most students didn’t have time to prepare for this abrupt change. I was intrigued to note how Kaitlyn was handling online classes and if she was enjoying them.

“Online classes they’re definitely different. I wouldn’t say I enjoy them; I like having the in-person engagement on campus with students and professors. I find learning more difficult because I can’t converse with other students on the subject material. It’s frustrating because I am investing so much money to get a seated education, yet now I’m online. I didn’t sign up for this, no one did, but us students have to learn to accommodate to these changes.”

I wanted to know more about Kaitlyn’s experience with COVID-19 and the toll it’s taking on her schooling. I wished to recognize what the most challenging feat about the virus was on her. Kaitlyn responded with, “COVID-19 and online schooling is making my anxiety worse. I already stress over school, now it’s just more stress and my grades are being swayed because of it.”

Kaitlyn is one student of many learning how to adapt themselves to the new style of online schooling. Every student is learning to deal with this change in their own way. As we move into the summer months, the virus is continuing to impact our daily lives. For students, we can only hope everyone in the fall is back on campus; in their respective classes receiving the education they signed up for.

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