Best Practices for Onboarding New Employees Virtually

While many employees around the world are working from home full-time, integrating new employees to an organization can be a challenging duty. 

As the COVID-19 illness spreads rapidly everyday and social-distancing measures are in force, it is perilous for new employees to have an in-person setup for onboarding. As a result, onboarding programs have to become virtual too. 

Welcoming new staff online can be a challenge; however, some Human Resource Departments are utilizing the best methods to make their new hires feel secure, valued, and properly trained. 

Primarily, when a company hires new employees, they are given an office tour, orientation programs, lunch with other employees, meet and greet with the team leaders from different teams, and much more. 

A few of these cannot be accomplished virtually. Yet organizations are putting their best foot forward to broaden their reach by optimizing initiatives to give their new employees a distinctive and personalized experience. 

To make it easier to comprehend, we have compiled the best ways on how to kick off onboarding programs professionally and successfully. 

As work has transitioned online, services like Zoom and Google Meet are highly preferable to carry out meetings. Successful HR Departments use a combination of the entire group of new hires and subgroups mentor and get to know each person. 

Holding a training session for one day wouldn’t be advantageous to the recruits, as everything cannot be explained in 2 hours. Breaking up webinars into 5 days or a week can be beneficial to HR as well as the new employees. This will help map out the newcomers’ brief welcome, providing the company’s background and history, overview of various departments, work ethics, business goals and culture, roles of the new hires, their policies and benefit plans. 

Current employees can explain parts of the organization in small segments, so that they grasp them effortlessly. Throwing too much information at a time can make them confused and overwhelming. Remember to put together the most professional portrayal of your company. Let the new workers be vocal with their questions by the end of each session and be prompt to clarify them. Build connectivity among the new employees.

HR can schedule one-on-one meetings with different team leaders and the new employees so that they can elucidate about their work and objectives. This will help the new staff understand the diverse sides of the business in an elaborate manner. 

During in-person onboarding, employees typically receive new laptops from HR and are given complete guidance throughout the process. Now, laptops are being shipped to employees’ homes and a manager is assigned and can aid them virtually on paperwork, setting up their emails, downloading and operating software required for the job, and troubleshooting problems in the most amiable manner. 

The company can organize digital lunch gatherings between the new hires and the already working employees so that the new hires can get to know their colleagues personally and engage with them in knowing the company and performance concisely. It is also proposed to allow the new hires to interact with each other to make them comfortable and make new friends.

Know that presenting the most cordial and cheerful demonstration of the company is requisite to generate motivation in new workers, and reinforce their decision to choose your organization to lend their skills that can contribute to influence your esteemed company.

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