6 Ways For Employee Retention

Are your top performers quitting their jobs? You’re not alone, to be sure. Almost every company today faces the challenge of losing its outstanding talents occasionally. But why are they leaving?

You could be intensely curious about how to retain your employees since, well, DUH! No one would want to lose people who bring them value. We’ve outlined 6 ways to retain them.

1. Choose the right benefits – Understanding the need of your employees and giving them appropriate benefits accordingly should be your plan.

Working parents are looking for corporate child care and tutoring memberships, Gen Z is looking for flexible work hours, student loan assistance, etc. There are many such perks that you’ll have to input to satisfy and retain your employees.
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2. Trust all the way – This may seem obvious but it must be your priority. Your employees trust you with their time and skills to help the business thrive. They anticipate the same in return.

In some cases, if an employee fails to meet a certain milestone, they are reprimanded and threatened with dismissal. We’d say this is the silliest behavior a manager can do towards his team.

A person’s potential is not defined by a single blunder. As a manager, you need to trust your team and give them new chances. Remember, not everyone is amused by rage.


3. Open a path for development – When a new employee joins a firm, he holds the vision of ‘moving forward’.

They expect you to be supportive of their work and, more importantly, to assist them to grow professionally. They would like to explore new streams of work.

But if you keep them at one position with the same monotonous tasks for years, it will be clear that they have reached their peak patience limit. Ask yourself, would you be content doing the same thing over and over again with no fresh opportunities? The answer lies right there.

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4. Sufficient wages –

Back to square one! Are you paying them enough?

Employees do have rents and bills to pay, and not to forget their daily life necessities. Studies say 85 percent of employees leave their jobs because of ‘low income’. Some end up working 2-3 jobs to meet their expenses and experience burnout.

What are you doing to tackle this issue at your workplace?

It’s high time for your HR team to identify if you’re underpaying your workers and give them the pay they deserve. Sufficient salaries are crucial for retaining employees.


5. Connect with them – Sounds easy, eh?

The number of employees who resign because they felt ‘isolated’ will surprise you. The rationale is the same old ruse – ‘Work is a professional space. Complete it, and log off.’ With this approach, you can bid them goodbye on a regular basis.

For many individuals, work is their second home. So, what do you do? Encourage engagement. Help build communication between co-workers and seniors. How –

  • Conduct quirky and amusing games.
  • Schedule coffee breaks between work hours.
  • Create virtual spaces and encourage employees to share about themselves, their lives, and to connect with others.

If you realize that any of your workers is in distress, provide them with mental health care and offer to help them in their state of crisis.


6. Feedbacks – Please pause a minute, if you say ‘good work’ only when paying salaries.

Feedback once a month doesn’t lift up anyone’s morale. They are important to instill confidence in your team. When you provide them feedback – they’ll use it to increase their performance.

Every small accomplishment throughout the month must be acknowledged with feedback.


As a HR professional, your role is to serve your team best. It is your obligation to guarantee that they receive benefits, good pay and that they’re satisfied. If you fail to do so, you need to revamp your HR techniques or risk losing your valuable talents.

Asiya is responsible for marketing at Neuron Education. She's passionate about anything related to science, history, and giving back to society. When not working, she reads an abounding number of books, mystique and undead.

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